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    cc: maya angelou. if you can’t pray with your man, he ain’t the man for you.

    Such concept! And every time He’s losing sight of where he found her, she slowly fades away

    When you can take a selfie in the middle of the streets and not die, you know you’re not in the Philippines anymore. Its been real. I’m back #summer2014 #selfme #teamnoeyes

    I have so much more pictures I wanna share but that’s all for now. Time has been such a foolish aspect in life. When we want it to go by slower, it seems to do otherwise. Six weeks has passed by so fast. It really has been such a blessing to be able to come home. Words can’t describe the feeling amount of heat and humidity here in Phil hehe. I will see you guys soon, hopefully it won’t be another 7 years. To everyone that spent their time and made an effort to hang out, thank you so much. #tums #black? #potatofries #burntshakeyspaper #uno #sizeseven #ulot #boompanis #kerilang #surfpowder5pesoslang #phili2014 #bittersweet

    We fly.