Tumblr help me pick top 1!!!!?

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    Posted on Tuesday, 16 August
    Tagged as: senior portraits
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    1. meeuh answered: Top left or bottom right!
    2. veeigd answered: The last one! (Bottom right).
    3. miiiika answered: 4th!
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      D’aw look at my baby all grown upp and taking senior portraits!! AH. :,D *TEAR.
    5. heartjeweljeddd answered: Three!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    6. ashleyboo said: no wait….. 4! 44444444444444
    7. ashleyboo answered: i like 1
    8. justjham answered: lower left.
    9. lalabelles answered: 4th :)
    10. tunaxxi answered: first onee
    11. kiidbrother said: I loike the last one! Haha. xD can’t believe you guys are graduating and I only have one more year
    12. issaberena said: Bottom right forsure :)
    13. sammysayyys said: Thr fourth one!
    14. whoaajoyce answered: bottom right or top left!!! :)
    15. heartofcali said: bottom right :)
    16. xtooraw said: Fourth.
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